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BuxieJo was born in 2014 when founder Kerrin Pogozelski wanted to make herself a bag. Posting her progress to Facebook ended with Kerrin selling the bag she had just finished to someone who just had to have it. Kerrin made another bag from the same distressed upholstery leather, and when that one sold as well, BOOM!, BuxieJo was a business.

The name is a portmanteau (fancy, right?) which is to say it is a made up combination of two other words - Kerrin and Rons' middle names. We put a little of ourselves in everything that we make and hope that our creations become your everyday, must-have, can't live without it accessory.

Kerrin & Ron



Early on, Kerrin realized she loved the texture and feel of making bags from hair-on-cowhide. Shortly thereafter, she decided to find the most-interesting, unique, and high-quality cowhides that she could find. Now, 99% of our designs have combinations of treated cowhides on the front, complementary designer leathers on the back, and durable decorator fabrics in the interior. The combinations are wild and adventurous while being effortless.

When brainstorming in the beginnings of BuxieJo, we asked ourselves if our bags were 3 things what would they be?

We decided our designs were:

Modern, Rustic,  & Badass

and the rest is history.


BuxieJo started as a one-woman show, but has blossomed into a for-reals family business. Ron joined Kerrin full-time in 2019 and now does a lot of the sewing so that Kerrin can do what she does best - being a BADASS boss and handling all of your calls, texts and emails in addition to creating her Signature (fanciest and artsiest) bags and mosaic straps. Kerrin also handles all the social media, takes all the photos, and uploads all of our amazing bags to the website. In 2021, BuxieJo added the meticulous sewing talents of Ron's mom Debby to help with some of the sewing prep work, and Ron's son Will who helps with cutting and making straps. 

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