Are you ready to BuxieJo?

BuxieJo is wearable and functional art for the fashionable adventurer.
Why carry the same bag as hundreds of others when you can express your individual style and creativity with one of our creations?
Each BuxieJo creation is essentially one-of-a-kind. We pair unique and unusual treatments of cowhide on the front with complementary the finest Italian leathers on the reverse.
Inside every bag is a fun and durable pop of color. We select decorator weight fabrics for our bag linings that are easy to clean and make your bag just as fun on the inside as it is on the outside.
We use solid-brass zippers in a variety of colors that we randomly pair with each creation, so between the front, back, fabric and zipper, the possibility of two bags being exactly alike is very slim.






Each BuxieJo collection starts with an amazing hand-selected cowhide; some are naturally beautiful and many we select because of their dyed patterns, acid-etching, vibrant colors, embossing, and metallic foil.
From each hide, we first cut one very special bag that becomes a BuxieJo Signature Bag - our top-of-the-line truly 1-of-1 creation that features hours of hand embellishing and unique, and sometimes, antique findings from our travels in the USA and abroad.
We pair each hide collection with a complementary fabric for the lining and stitch all of our bags on industrial lock-stitch machines and use solid-brass hardware to complete each look. 
We stand behind all of our craftsmanship and guarantee our work with life-time repairs on any defect from our bag-building process.
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stands out!
BuxieJo is starting its fifth year of business selling our one-of-a-kind creations to customers at fine-art shows across the U.S. 
Because of our continued success, starting in January of 2019, we decided to have a positive impact on our local community by donating a portion of all BuxieJo sales to Mental Health Colorado.
Mental Health Colorado advocates for the more than one million Coloradans who experience a mental health or substance use disorder each year. They engage policymakers, providers, the public, and the press to promote early intervention, expand access to affordable services, and eradicate stigma and discrimination. Our efforts range from the Capitol to the classroom.
So, you can feel even better about your BuxieJo purchases because with each bag we sell we are helping someone in need in our community.
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gives back.
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After selecting and cutting our favorite section of the hide to create our Signature Creations, we continue the process by dividing the hide into all the different sizes of bags that BuxieJo offers. 
Some leather companies only select the "perfect" sections of the hide and discard hide pieces with blemishes, scars, cattle brands, and changes in the direction of the hair. We aren't like those companies. We embrace every piece of the hide and often showcase the parts of the animal that would normally be discarded by placing the brands and scars front and center on our bags.
Once the hide is divided into bags, we use the smaller pieces to create our card-wallets, bracelets, and use the really small pieces as zipper-pulls and embellishments on other bags.
Finally, if there are pieces that we just can't use, we happily donate all of our scraps to local jewelry artisans to use in their lovely creations.
BuxieJo also never uses exotic hides or the hides of animals that aren't sustainably raised as part of the U.S. food industry.
It doesn't get more fun and fabulous tha