Wholesale The Stout - Teal / Mocha

Wholesale The Stout - Teal / Mocha


BuxieJo strives to create an individual and unique bag perfect for everyday use. Combining traditional techniques with old world styles helps us construct a durable and lightweight everyday carry that is as distinct and charming.

Acid wash cowhide is a process done in the tannery. First there is a chemical applied that removes some of the hair. This leaves a beautiful abstract pattern and interesting texture experience. The hide is then treated to add color to the leather, hair or both.

You’ll love the attention grabbing appeal and its low maintenance wear. All these beautiful hides are permanently treated in Brazil with the best quality and standards in mind.

a small essentials bag

*Zipper color and spot patterns vary*
• 9.5”-wide x 7”-tall x 1”-deep
• Detachable 7”-long x 5/8”-wide wrist strap
• Zipper top with knotted pull
• D-rings for (optional) adjustable 54” long x 5/8” wide cross-body strap