Far and away the most artistic bag you have seen me do. A ton of work went into this bag and ultimately inspired and entire line.
I found this vintage tapestry in southern Colorado more than a year ago. The dramatic scene was called to action when I stumbled upon a designer leather in black and white. This abstract pattern in the black and white leather reminds me so much of a crack of lighting. I believe there is a story in every bit of material I use. This bag narrates such a cool tale. It has a patch worked border as well as a generously sized turquoise bead.
My bags all include an improved interior lining which includes one large zipper pocket as well as a large divided pocket on the opposite side made from heavy-weight cotton canvas.
The straps are constructed with uber thick natural veg tan hide which is know for its strength and durability.
Finally, this bag has been stitched with a classic saddle style stitch. This combination between luxury in the materials and rustic in its construction creates a distinct juxtaposition that will compliment even the most sophisticated of wardrobes while still being your favorite everyday bag.

Thunder Hoof


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