The Stout - Peace Project Limited Edition

The Stout - Peace Project Limited Edition

Inspired by iconic photos and stories from our hippy mom's comes a collection that is near and dear to our (sacred) hearts.The Peace project combines printed camouflage hair-on-hide with a striking deep distressed red back and each bag has been hand decorated by Kerrin. Some bags have flowers (who couldn't use a little flower power now, right?), some have chains and studs, some have fringe. All are badass and are lined with a pop of bright white daisies.This is a limited-edition micro collection that will not be recreated, so when they are gone - they are gone forever. BuxieJo strives to create an individual and unique bag perfect for everyday use. Combining traditional techniques with old world styles helps us construct a durable and lightweight everyday carry that is as distinct and charming. All natural cowhides have been treated with a process called Chromium dying. This helps the hair stay intact as well as create a very soft leather. All cowhides selected are hand-picked for their unique patterns, colors, and quality. All cowhides used for BuxieJo bags come from Brazil where the tanneries are known to have the most humane practices and best product quality standards. The Stout is a small essentials bag:*Zipper color and spot patterns vary*• 9.5”-wide x 7”-tall x 1”-deep• Detachable 7”-long x 5/8”-wide wrist strap• Zipper top with knotted pull• D-rings for (optional) adjustable 54” long x 5/8” wide cross-body strap
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