The first time I laid eyes on Acid Etched cow hide was on a weekend trip to gorgeous Grand Lake Co. My hubby and I were enjoying an evening stroll through the picturesque downtown and we happened upon an art gallery. Inside the owner had one of these hides elegantly draped over the railing of her staircase. 
Time stood still....
From that moment I went on the hunt for this beautiful and unique material to make a high-end avant garde line.

This look is achieved during the tanning process. A chemical is applied top burn away portions of the fur, the hide is then dies with metallic finishes. This is a permanent
technique and will last over time with out flaking off or

Attention to detail is one of the biggest points of interest with this line. Each strap was carefully planned, the
linings specifically selected for their compliments to the
leather, adornments perfectly paired.

These bags are made with materials and craftsmanship second
to none.
Each of these bags is 100% one of a kind and offers a luxurious exclusivity to your sophistication wardrobe.

The Idleman- Fancy Fierce


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