The Taos Collection was born from a long trip I took with my dog. We had the week alone and decided to just get in the car and drive. It turned out my "true North" was actually south. 
We ended up in the quaint and artsy mountain town of Taos New Mexico.
I was so inspired by the people and their bohemian air. Couples were holding hands and peering in gallery windows, the streets were lined withe restaurants serving up the "Christmas" style entrees. I was in love.
I found a small assortment of these wool, woven ladies and said, yes, they will be a bag!
The day I arrived home I began to make all the ideas that were swirling in my head.
I found a few serape blankets in various colors and new I wanted something different from what I've done in the past. How lucky was I when I found this striking black bull?! He has the most silky and shiny fur with just one red stripe that went right down his spine.
Each of these bags has a unique touch with varying handles, and embellished tassels. I guess I consider these tassels to be the bags jewelry, and don't we all feel just a little more special with jewelry!

The Glazier


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