Rue Poppincourt-tote

Rue Poppincourt-tote

The Rue Poppincourt collection was inspired by a recent trip to Paris with my family. 
It combines rich brown tones, black and gold. This color story was drawn from a tour of the Garnier Opera house. I was overcome with emotions while listening to the history of the building, the artist and its patrons. As they say, when something is meant to be, it is.
We continued through our trip and I found I was collecting things to create this collection.
When we arrived home I started working right away with all the energy from this incredible trip still fresh.
You will notice the combination of rick browns which speak to the decades old wood flanking the castle like charm of the handrails and entryways, stark black with a moody appeal and bright gold for that opulence Parisian style seems to carry so effortlessly.
The patch accents were found at the worlds largest flea market just outside the city and are vintage French military insignia. Each one of these bags were created one at a time and are in very limited quantity.
If you are one of the lucky ladies that carry it on your shoulder I hope you feel the love pored into its creation and the vibration Paris thrives with. Absolutely one special place.

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