The Hank collection is the newest to my line. The colors in the Hank hide are warm and neutral tones of tan, grey and black. I love the consistent pattern and how it has a certain flow to it. Almost like the silty ground in a mountain stream.
All my bags this year have feet! I know this was one of the things many of you suggested. So now you have it!
I've been searching high and low since the day I started building bags for the best quality leather. It has been a steady track upwards as I've gone along. For the backs in this collection I've chosen a pale sand and light fog. Both are much brighter than anything I've done in the past, but I love the way they look with Hank!
All these bags are fully lined with a heavy-weight canvas fabric which will have a long line and also be an easy care material.
You might be wondering what that number is?
Well at the beginning of January, 2016 I though it would be fun to see how many bags I would build for the year. So I've started stamping all the medium and large bags as they're built. This adds exclusivity to your purchase and inclusiveness to my business. Its a fun interactive way to grow together!
This medium size bag measures 16" across the top, 13"tall and has a 5" structured base.
Please feel free to email me with any additional questions.

Hank Collection #131


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