The Fancy Fiece collection is made of one of my favorite materials to work with. Its called Acid etched cowhide. Its done in the tanning process and is a permanent treatment. A chemical is applied that takes away some of the fur in a splattered looking pattern and then its died. This bag was adorned with large spots. It is a very unique combination. 
The back side is made from a very soft medium tan cow leather.

These bags all include my improved interior lining which includes one large zipper pocket as well as a large divided pocket on the opposite side made from heavy-weight cotton canvas.
The straps are constructed with uber thick natural veg tan hide which is know for its strength and durability.
Finally, this bag has been stitched with a classic saddle style stitch. This combination between luxury in the materials and rustic in its construction creates a distinct juxtaposition that will compliment even the most sophisticated of wardrobes while still being your favorite everyday bag.

Fancy Feirce- Danter


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