BuxieJo face covering - double sided fabric

BuxieJo face covering - double sided fabric


We are currently making all masks to order and should be able to make them and ship them out within 1-2 days of order. We will donate one mask for every mask that we sell. These masks are made from the scraps of our badass bag linings and are cotton or cotton blend. Each mask is "one-size fits most" and are reversible featuring two different complementary fabrics and elastic ear loops.


We are making these as fast as we can and will ship them out or deliver locally once the preorders have been made and shipped.If you care to specify where the donation masks equal to the number of ordered masks will go in our local Denver, CO community, please let us know when you order.


UPDATE: Some of our fabrics may be a cotton/poly blend that can melt under an iron at high heat, so we do not recommend using your iron to steam sanitize our masks.


Also, due to the sustainable way we are cutting our fabric to get the highest number of masks available and to minimize waste, the mask you receive may not have the exact section of pattern shown in the example photos.

  • Please select the size options and colors you would like carefully. Due to the nature of the masks and the fact that we are using fabric scraps to make them, no exchanges or refunds are available for masks that don't fit. We will send more masks if you receive your masks with any defects, but the masks sent may not be the same fabric choices that you originally ordered sue to limited quantities of each material. 

    We ask that if you receive your masks and they do not fit to donate them to someone in need. We cannot make custom size masks.

    Thank you for understanding that we are not mask makers, but Modern, Rustic, Badass bag makers that are making masks to stay afloat.

    Kerrin & Ron

    Team BuxieJo

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