Artist's Statement:


I didn’t set out to be an artist or have a leather-working business; I wanted to make myself a bag. What I found was that selecting different materials, making patterns to create something from nothing, and finding people who loved my work, was actually my true north, my passion, and quickly became my happy place. 


Finding the perfect leather, or hide and then letting it speak for itself is what I feel is the most gratifying part of my creative process. Seeing a brand mark or scar as a highlight in a bag, or clutch gives each creation individual distinction and rustic charm. Leatherwork has been the most purposeful vehicle to bringing my creative voice to reality. It fills me with pride and integrity to see a piece finished.


I work with a plan, but also an open vision. My patterns have changed based on the natural lines of the individual hides to bring out as much natural beauty as possible. The repetitive nature of leatherwork allows my imagination to run wild and include happy accidents and creative surprises in my pieces. 


My most recent work is a combination of structured lines inspired by modern construction, and organic elements such as jagged edges and hair-on-hide. I feel this combination is a full inclusion of my experience in life thus far. It is inclusive of my years living in the mountains and more recently, living in a diverse urban cityscape. It represents how two different worlds can marry seamlessly and offer fashion, function, and form. 


- Founder, Designer, Maker